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tv   Police Commission 11216  SFGTV  November 21, 2016 10:00am-11:16am PST

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you should come on and take a class. we have orientations on most saturdays. this is a really wonderful location and is the real jewel to the community. >> ready to develop your photography skills? the harvey milk photo center focuses on adult classes. and saturday workshops expose youth and adults to photography classes. >> commissioner president loftus i'd like to call roll is commissioner president loftus
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commissioner vice president turman commissioner marshall commissioner mazzuco commissioner dejesus commissioner wong commissioner melara ask excused commissioner president loftus we have quorum also with us the intern chief of police toney chaplin and joyce hicks. >> okay. >> good evening and welcome to the wednesday, november 2, 2016, police commission meeting i'm going to make changes to the agenda given the length of the agenda a long closed session handling discipline matters one and 2 to our meeting next week and go ahead and start with general public comment. >> so public comment will be two minutes given the length of the agenda and the anticipated number of speeches. >> item 3
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the public is welcome to address the commission on items not on tonight's agenda but within the jurisdiction of the commission. with respect to agenda items, please direct your questions to the commission as a whole and not to individual commissioners or departments or occi personnel. department, occi or commissioners are to respond to questions but may provide a brief response. police commission should enter into debates and please limit your comments to 3 minutes, please. >> two minutes. >> okay general public comment? >> go ahead. >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening my name is magic i came from the sunshine task force they found the commission in violation of 67.9 and 67.7 b and i think that is very important you recognize you can't do 24 again where you
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ignore the issuance that is a the public needs to have the notice of 72 hours what will be discussed by you on the agenda and i think this is clear no integer and it was really kind of sad you but put your staff and sergeant, next line item. >> killing showing shaw her line of reasons and sounds like on over burned employee that need to not be used like this to get your job done i want to say that up until june 22nd meeting i thought the public was notified and hope this never happens again, we don't have been in fact, the task force said if was no in their purview i'm surprised you're not prepared and building on an item that clearly says in that ordinance
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that you should not vote on something and have discussions and action without a preparation by yourselves well more commissioners had more knowledge and some only got to when they walked in and part of violation not posted also on the website when the e-mails went out and the person that does that sergeant, next item. >> kilshaw made clear i don't blame her, she does the best of our service the city attorney was never mentioning she said that so be thrown out and no substantive changes that's not true the item with the holes and amazing higher standard of penal code having a moving vehicle and shall and should different shall
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is mandatory and shall is discretionary and should is mandatory i hope you'll know we're not going to tolerate this to get what needs to be done so anyone else gets killed that's the point. >> thank you for bringing that up >> next speaker. >> commissioner i was here yesterday what i want to say today is that missing in our deliberations what is going to happen for the good of this city and county of san francisco is the
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premeditation of our youth and young adults every time the commission is challenged so to speak you refer to the san francisco charter the charter needs to be changed the charter needs to be change to reflect the times today's times all over the nation as far as i understand wheezed freedom and what is license and the bills of freedom is license and you may be trained to do whatever but. >> always have to have their heart in the right place and understand what is freedom and what is license. >> and that comes from our
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training and that comes from your understanding. >> so young people our ought youth and young adults are now wondering if there is hope and we have a generation that became what they became because of hope but if you deprive our young generation of hope then that's despair we don't need that i'm leaving you with one thought we need to give our young adults hope thank you >> next speaker. >> good evening clyde. >> well a lot going on chief chaplin i'll be honest with i was 12k0i7d in you on our leaks it was a stupid thing to say i'll say it to your face that
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was stupid okay. that's a wash we'll let that go we'll let that go we all make mistakes but i'll be honest with i talked with 4 cops is chaplain cool enough said welcome chief thank you. next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening. >> my name is julian black man i'm here to address chaplain how you doing toney chaplin i'm a familiar face to you my question to you not just questions but this is a lot going on in the neighborhood we come from the same neighborhood in the ingleside and toney chaplin ; right? i can admit that toney chaplin
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was a big part let me go the right way; right? even the charges are trumpeted up i held i was accountability what i done and what was done is done i'm a law-abiding citizen you know a father a great person god - one of my good brother's was shot by the police and in our neighborhood where i come from other one time he lived you you know as kids we did kids thing but he converted into a rightus life so motivation another part of why i changed my life to do right; right? so i'm really confused that chaplain would allow police
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officers out of their jurisdiction to come and shot our brother chaplain from our neighborhood i know that man is a good man tony dicker son unarmed it was live reports saying the high-speed chase i'll show you not just that but you know trying to see how the world is being is very secretary complicated no information - >> yeah. thank you, sir okay - i know - i got to follow the rules maybe chief chaplin can follow-up on
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your questions. >> thank you, sir. >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening hello my name is clyde a long time ingleside resident and also asking a question what happened to notorious dicker son in a high-speed chase not involved in a high-speed chase shot over 6 times we've not been able to see him self-he's okay if i say housed at we have did charges stemming fr stemming from assault and not armed robbery and robbery homicide as all the charges they have on him we don't know where he is we
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said want to know where he's located at and how it is possible for the daily city a police to come into the ingleside area and arrest someone and shot someone and we still don't know what happened to him or what is going on if anyone can speak to that we would like to hear that by us being here together appreciate you guys time thank you. >> okay. i'm going to refer the chief if someone can get the questions thank you, sir fewer comments. >> next speaker. >> good evening and welcome sergeant. >> good evening intern chief and to director joyce hicks this evening i'm standing before you as is a loved one williams i'm concerned about several things how can we expect to get to the
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three hundred plus recommendations presented by the doj and the blue ribbon panel and can't get though the removal of shooting at the vehicles the doj has made it clear they'll not accept that type of language in the use of force order how can we get to through 1/3rd of recommendations that are presented with the union it continues to resist change the process lacks transparent and seems to be substantive not to mention allegations of commissioners speaking pubically and posturing and stating who they want to be the next chief this is inappropriate we must stop right now we must show that we representative reform we must show we support transparent what i want to do the right thing in
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the eastbound selection of the next chief the chief i've stated need to be one that has a proven track record and is a viable candidate that will be of our interest to everyone i stand before you also extremely troublgd by the san francisco chronicle news article that reelevated some of the candidates locations of where we come from that is very concerning i know your concerned about it and again, i hope that your good evening to provide us with measurements that will help to explain has to how and where we are in the process and again, thank you for 2350d me the opportunity to speak before you. >> thank you, sergeant williams. >> good evening and welcome. >> thank you my name is huey a local hip hop community activist in the community for several years and happen to be a friend
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of notorious there is a big issue of police training i'd like to ask chief chaplin when will proper police training into effect we have a systemic violence from police throughout the country i understand that daily city is different maybe protocol but hopefully push that through i believe that gregory by sfpd that is very, very strange he's 130e7d to be here speaking on our cause on our on behalf but suddenly his house is rated and now like i'll call this the super hero police are 0 supposed to be super heroes but cops killing unarmed black men
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an epidemic and a little been like this people blaming on cell phones that is a piece of that but lastly there's a sense of rage and hatred it permeates through the plod we have an incidents you you know white guys with guns threaten cops they're not killed they beat the case between the cops dealing with people of color and white people and so-called model minorities that is you know something that needs to be changed and police need to be changed and police culture changed you guys need to work on many at some point that is coming to a head i'd like to see the problem resolved in the most positive is position for both sides to get on with the business policing is a tough job
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but - >> yeah. thank you, sir. >> good evening and welcome. >> aclu sergeant williams said a lot of what was said in a letter from jeff adachi and jennifer and myself that appears in the agenda that i and we will leave this room not knowing the status of use of force policy and not knowing even though a impasse is declared and even though cops have basically labored co-authored restraint and the shooting of vehicles a bad practice we at san francisco still are living other than the policies that are labeled bad practices i'm really surprised on the working group your proceeding in the way your
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preceding it is very mystifying i believe that is sabotaging captain laid out a very infest and complicated program dealing with 2 hundred plus recommendations chief chaplin wrote a letter asking for community support those of us in the community and stakeholders who will have been working with you on this discouraged and i really am i was sure that was on the action agenda the fact your heading into closed session again is mystifying didn't require i don't know you're doing this. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker. good evening and welcome. >> good evening
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to heck with that david san franciscans for police accountability i'd like to echo what allen and yolanda williams said the entire of us situation is a could tropic we said at the original meeting our procedures were chaotic that has been completely played out what hastening sued since the sunshine committee has slapped you on the wrist for not rooelgs the documents head of time 72 hours so the community can have a chance to look at it secondly, at the meeting you were to have a deal with the poa we've not
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forgotten martin there was an agreement the 20 percent was the only thing left and months later on a use of force you guys tell the poa this is the next policy and intern chief chaplin can issue a codifying of the use of force policy you vote on unanimously on june 22nd and we can have a working use of force policy a modern one of the new one so much effort went into within 48 hours there is nothing stopping you equip your intense fear of poa your intense fear of going up against them they're a group of bullies that have been bullying in commission for years you guys need to get some
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ovaries to have. >> i'm quite certain i have them i'll give you 30 seconds more. >> you guys need to get a backbone and begin dealing with that relocation union the way it should be dealt with forcefully. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> how you doing a resident the ingleside district we didn't have questions about what can the police do they know what they can do whaumz now this is your opportunity here to make a difference whaumz at the end of the day it is in your lap tifrd and my question is: now what is
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the status an gregory is he in custody and what is he in custody he was not part of that situation you know what i mean so why is this man's house you know what i mean is a bigger plan than what was going on you know what i mean what radio you going to do or the ones that change with the operation you hear me real talk man, you just like me brother so we - i fall victim on everything so, now my thing can you not fall victim and take - that muscles can you be that muscle real talk. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker. >> (clapping.)
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>> >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening welcome i'm karen freshmen from justice of mario woods collaboration and san franciscans for police accountability 11 months ago today san francisco police department excused mario woods by firing squad in front of scores of witnesses including a bus full of school children on their way home since then under tremendous pressure to have the use of force policy and impervious it is updated you can't terminate officers without an updated policy you unanimously pass it on june 22nd with the input of the police officers association and then they've impede it up until day i ask you chief chaplin to issue the 4 hundred one hundred by the department generally order torment we have a valid use of
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force policy to that sfpd officers understand the use of force is and you know what the use of force is so they can be disciplined since mario woods execution louis and there was jessica williams and this guy in october and now this gentleman shot by the daily city police without an effective use of force policy it is unclear we can't traven people on it or hold them accountable and who rinses san francisco there is the police officers association that runs san francisco or the mayor of san francisco run the city please show us thank you, thank you. >> next speaker. >> and i will say we have
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overflow room 416. >> the intern chief and director joyce hicks i think so the police department is dealing with the racism but once past that they need to deal deal with the training the police needs to be trained to understand the public is not trained and shop making summaries the city will respond to a police uniform and start to do it in a holistic manner that will uplift the mindset of police officers maybe we'll come to an understanding thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening mr. lawrence and welcome. >> ladies and gentlemen, of the audience thank you, commissioners once again giving me. >> i want to give a brief talk
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on deadly force if you a long time in the last 24 hours two police officers were you shot 2, 3, 4 utah an ass nation but if you look at the ultimate cause of san francisco every time a policeman shots someone without a gun they read about that in the newspaper or so it on the net tea say i'm going to get the next cop you have two police officers on the force that in 10 years opened an banana clips into two unarmed civilians for whatever cause they didn't have weapons i think a new police chief has to look at that i don't know who he is or where he is but i think sir, you should start bringing
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him before the public secondly, a person in a building i don't know why the public has to be let in by the backdoor and a private party in the front door and 17 sheriff's acting as thugs we're not allowed in the building we have to use is janitorial indigents and public building to be available to the public for any event anywhere we shouldn't have to use the backdoor and owen i ought to do something about that last but not least a vote on the occ to turn it into the accidental police shooting i want everyone to vote i think ms. rice has done one of the worse jobs as is occ director thank you for your
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time. >> we weren't invited to the festivities either. >> good evening and welcome. >> my name is shannon on may 13, 1998, of the stewardship shot and kindly my friend during a stack out they were trying to apprehensive someone on a drug wandered cox went into the backdoor and she was a passenger in the front as the vehicle left the residence recessing listen fired into the car and suddenly shely she was 17 years old after nearly a 9 year battle the residents - the statute of limitations expired not because the facts and every day failed to - as voted on in the past
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june sheila what about alive today she's been gone longer than alive two painful for her family and given me permission to speak on her behave they've heard about the use of force policy and the family strongly supports mrofltz from shooting at moving vehicles her family as transformed into a sense of law we need to see sheila grow she was robbed of opportunities to live her life and create a family of her own her 10-year-old niece and nephews on her through photos nothing will bring sheila back but hope this didn't happen we're grateful to the police commission and the bar association for hard working
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to make sure that bayer officers from shooting 09 vehicles are stopped the q poa stop this from being for the policy the sfpd is not barricade from 1409 at vehicles and this type of - thank you, thank you for being here. >> next speaker. good evening and welcome. >> >> good evening. i'm dean jones a community organizer and work for a local agency that helps deal with your homeless problem not mine yours you have people sleeping open our lawn in
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the front and i get bay window paid no good money to take care of your problem you definitely don't pay me enough so i'm here for two reasons one is because you can do something about the regulations of how you hire people greg suhr when you hired him before our chief he worked was an officer that the obesity called balanced i didn't and beat the black off their skin had you knew that maybe you wouldn't have hired him as chief what else do you know about those new chief or the people maybe you can't hire you guys because their personally 1r689 number one and number 2 the use of force you're creating a problem for the officers they're handling every problem in san francisco including mental health you should have a mental
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health unit instead of defunding it you've laid off me before i worked with mr. lee and mentally ill people who do you think they call pay is a psychiatrist integer services video you call the police i'm pretty much you don't know that it is sad that we hire you to do a job and you don't know what is going on in the city take off our uchldz and let me show you what is happening in the city so you know how to take care of our people sitting behind the desk our hurting your people police should have to deal with mentally ill what is what happened to mario woods that was someone that is suffering from mentally ill the go to jail there are people i have clients
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- thank you, ms. jones. >> (clapping.) >> >> next speaker. good evening and welcome. >> good evening as you may know i'm julia a bar association representative stakeholder in the development of the use of force policy as such we committed considerable research and time and hard working to collaborative over many months together with marion i met with the poa over a to day period that resulted in 80 to 90 percent of use of force general order how reflectly the meeting and confer was not the full implementation of this order prior to my involvement that the general order then grufr, supervisor cowen and i were on a radio program i'm well aware how deeply committed to the
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implementation of the problem by greg suhr he know well though dangers this policy had become and spoke passionately about the need for implementations that was prior to the death of jessica williams and the rejuvenation of greg suhr how tragic and ironic we were able to do that the review of hundred iceds since 2000 published by the self-employed reveals shooting at vehicles are 10 death and one injury to a fellow officer 10 started as troolts that is deesclation how are we helping our officers to calm the situations not just safer for the public but safer for our officers the city can't afford morally or economically another death the poa recommendations to get 24 order implemented and the training underway on the
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deesclation so all our stakeholders hard work all of our research 24 doj has been approved by you on june 21st has - is completely squared with the department of justice and we're not there yet less us know how we can help you. >> don't compromise please. thank you, ms. chang>> next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> ms. young. >> good afternoon. i'm the deputy public defender i'm here to speak on two issues before the commission san francisco spell need a new use of force policy the commission knows that the policy that it approved was well-thought-out and considered by highly intelligent and trained people what appears to the community that the police commission and the mayor are held hostage by a police union
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that is relocation and feels it can say and do whatever in the protection of so-called contract issues theories the i iron the most recent shooting in the city by the police officers into an alleging moving vehicle that would have been banned i say pending use of force policy now i say alleging moving vehicle i'm the attorney for the notorious i've read the police reporting and would like to correct a couple of things he was shot 4 not six or eight or 12 in the intensive care unit in zuckerberg san francisco general hospital the family is not allowed to see him, i was allowed to talk with him here's the tragedy of that car he had been in the car for less than 5 minutes when two police officers discharged their firearms into the car the good news for this
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police commission and this police department is they were not san francisco police officers but daily city and chp, however, what concern is this morning the san francisco police department swat team arrested the only wooits to this shooting the only civilian eyewitness has been taken into custody and held in a location we do not know where he is he's posted blogs and sought and put that on facebook and was a taken into custody at 3:00 a.m. - >> thank you, ms. hale.
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>> thank you. >> thank you, ms. young. >> thank you, ms. young general public comment. >> (clapping.) >> >> good evening and welcome. >> >> good evening and welcome. >> sir. >> good evening. i'm here to talk about the use of force which i understand you unanimously approved that order has importance in the issues of deesclation time and distance and the prohibition against shooting at vehicles. >> i'm tony i know that a number of i know but i'm here because there is a case that i was involved in as a defensive lawyer that has 12uk with me for years and years the
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images of that dead young woman in the car completely has taken over my psyching every in and out that is sheila that particular case was including but not limited to so unnecessary and if the use of force not have not shooting as vehicles was in effective it at that time that young woman would be here he television she was 17 year-old a case to go after an individual on a drug case what they did they saw their suspect get into a car driven by an individual and missed 17 years old a teenager sitting next to him and what happened was shots rang out several shots and she was mortally wounded they drove
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off and stopped on the boulevard and that's where you see that picture of her slum over and dead it in her car i know that we can't bring her back but think about what it means to shoot at a vehicle she was not a defendant an innocent bystander (inaudible) - >> yeah. that's right thank you sir, thank you. >> your time is up. >> oh, we get it thank you for being here. >> good evening and welcome. >> and welcome. >> march 29 the sfpd came to
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my house i live on 12 avenue my 17 year-old was instructed by the police to come down any son complies as on sfpd posted on youtube you see the flashlights yet the police reporting said my stone was at the bottom of the stairs and reviewed to open the gate that's why his face was bashed up the city attorney - that's why what is going on after the practice police do what they do their attorneys are the ones that get everybody off when we have to remove greg suhr then the city attorney were caught red-handed in you say that my son is at the bottom of
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the gate fates pirj that's deceit and use the technology cattle's to get off and statute of limitations we have a trial and my son graduated from high school and pro per for my son to have to grow this because of what the police did to him is ludicrous i hope that november 28th someone goes to jeff's office and sees that he is lying and helping to cover up police scuzzy have to posted sfpd tactical an youtube that corrections everyone in everything in the police reporting that means all the names are across the board crossed out we don't know who to sue so for the city attorney's for paid to cover up police
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misconduct is inappropriate. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening. >> good evening and welcome. >> thank you very much i'm here to practice saying thank you might surprise you but i'd like to thank you for all the things you tried to do like to thank you for forwarding some names of pro seismic chiefs to the mayor and deciding whoever you forwarded names to the mayor to select you can live with because you will i'd like to thank you for having whatever courage to recommend descent honorable, strong candidates for that position i don't know whether to be be sympathetic to chief chaplin i
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think you've been set up by the poa by enclosing you they've taint you and caused us to believe you're in their pocket that is an unfortunate situation you have spoken as if you're not at times i'd like to be in position to thank you for speaking stronger hope you will if you turn out to be chief so i'm practicing saying thank you my main thank you to the officers for justice who have tried they very best to right the wrongs at great risk to themselves at great risk to their lives at great risk to their safety with the poa turned in their back on them so i'd like to thank the officers for justice i'd like to the folks behind me to leave in a moving vehicle to raise their hands those are the folks at
10:45 am
risk. >> i'm sorry i'm front of the of you. >> your in front of the me but behind me if you raise your hand. >> i'm behind you everyone raising their hands is at risk for shooting at moving vehicles he get to get in my mine and drive home wondering if 2 policy effects me the folks that raised their hands are in the same position let us say thank you for what you've done. >> thank you for thanking us. >> mr. gilberty. >> we want a chief of police that wants to be better okay needs to stop the militarization and the suicides of police officers they are second veterans in the country clearly it is not working for them
10:46 am
either we need better policies new policies out of boxes maybe experiments with gun also belts what choices do we have continuing this awfulness of abuse the militarization of our police and the peace officers and the choke holds why not stop this it madness and why not do it here we we all have a chance and opportunity a little bit of good luck amen one candidate asked douglas mccartney advise on sending american soldiers to vietnam and douglas mccartney said no. you can't send american troops to a fight they
10:47 am
can't recognize the enemy and since that time we mill transition our police and given them people to recognize as brown and black suspects we need a better alignment we want the police officers in the community to stay alive and prosper that should be our goal. >> thank you 34rig9>> next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> hi good evening jennifer from the coalition on homelessness as you know i was part of the stakeholder group talking about the use of force policy and i just want to review things a little bit and make some recommendations in terms of
10:48 am
moving forward we have an intensive and rushed as you recall process to come up with recommendations around use of force that was a series of previous intervene meetings and work that was done there was recommendations that ended upcoming to this body that were approved and we're not put in place and waiting for the police officers to do a meet and confer with the police officers association it, it is in police officers association - in terms of having the least accountability possible when those processes go forward that shouldn't be in your interests it is a different perspective how to have an audible police department and public safety in
10:49 am
terms of not using extensive use of force as well so we just want to strongly recommend because as we are halting those things they have policies that are the old policies that are currently in play we have for example, on the vehicle shootings shooting at vehicles happening about every 8 months in san francisco so you know we really need to move along and have a very strong use of force policy the department of justice is recommending a full ban on shooting at vehicles should be moving forward the other two recommendations is that came from the community groups should be moving forward as well us from the ebs coalition of homelessness interface with police officers we're particularly concerned thank you thank you, ma'am.
10:50 am
>> next speaker. good evening and welcome. >> hello, i grew up in lake view ingleside area you know something i at ocean view park i was beat up in the early noticing by the police at ocean view park i mean it was just it was an all the time occurrence being seen you know what will happen to our music i know like ours is a moving the fact of the matter you know and it's been ongoing for so long and now instead of the abuse they shooting you know they really shooting and you know something this really has to stop because you know my niece and nephews is coming up i want them
10:51 am
to say a normal life you know i don't feel you know that they have to worry about protecting themselves or being a place afraid to run when they see the police you know and if this was - the car was supposedly moving not supposed to be shooting at or no chase especially a residential neighborhood so they say if it was a high-speed chase you you know and it wasn't like a whole bunch of crime activist take place in the area you know so i wonder why you know this person you know was targeted and why his family can't see him this is never unheard of and what is really going on with the on wooits is in jail it is
10:52 am
totally not right and his house got rated why? because he was a witness to the police nothing new nothing new so i hope we can make a difference if not maybe - >> thank you, ms. moore house. >> next speaker. >> >> (clapping.) >> >> good evening and welcome. >> hello, i'm barbara about being arrested actually whatever my defy divorcee share my rap sheet was not short my divorce
10:53 am
was - i have nothing against the police you can only go with the reports put forth to you false police reports are against the law but some people get away with that but i wanted to say when they have like mario woods the officers look like a bunch of dummies they were all filmed to completely you have to realize our on candid camera everyone has a camera and could you please role a more professional they all subdivided their guns and what's the glory of bringing in a corps one shot will do and if they ever try to train the police officers to wound and maim and not shot to kill they can have another shot
10:54 am
it fair charging mario woods was not a big imperfect boy type he had a knife but broken his arm or something thought is sort shoot to wound only is a request i want to put forward here. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening welcome again remember last i seen you going to have a more slogan make it happen chaplain i did not see you yesterday but with the new chief thing our assumptions it ed lee want to appoint whatever ed lee want we don't want i don't care you're cool behind
10:55 am
closed doors we don't need our shrines we came today, the whole community of los angeles view this is a very important and strong statement you should take serious this is a community you may arrest 80 percent of them with trumped up charges didn't deserve to get beat like you heard the sister earlier i think we're going to doing everything we can we're organizing we're trying to get this together regardless of what your job you know restrictions or whatever you can do like with the hunger strike and everyone trying to show compassionate and humility like general concerns regardless of your jobs you should make our way over there and do something to make sure
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that brother is alive you know what i mean you guys tried to kill him not like the san francisco police department or the daily city police department you all have drinks together i'm asking you actually demanding that you somebody needs to do something about that like i said you may live off the brothers misery try to make some happen. >> thank you. next speaker. >> (clapping.) >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening i try to keep my appearances on a rare coalition it is pretty bad because last time i spoke we were choosing the chief the community had no participation equip for a few of you who listened to the community and take it back the community wanted to say a seat at the table to choose the
10:57 am
next chief that didn't happen supposedly against the rules of this body i've not seen the rules to choose the next chief you have a poa that condominium i was in the room i work with the task force that negotiated with in in going to we'll not prohibit those protocols to come into play in our meet and confer we promised that what did they do they said we'll rescind that agreement and not agree there is not only a lack of trust of the community what happens now you've picked the wrong community because we have you've never seen a room full of black people demanding justice from the police department usually white and latino wanted justice
10:58 am
for the community it - they'll willing to organize this case with mr. 34078d is one of the most suspicious cases i guarantee i see the footage they're claiming a high-speed chase and ran over an officer that over has a scrape on his arm something is wrong the only grace is that an sfpd not 1409 him a daily police officer that shot him that's our daily grace but i'll make sure we find the officers guilty they failed to kill him his story been told he is a stroke in the hospital when he speaks justice will be served and we'll be here to back -
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>> thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker. >> (clapping.) >> >> good evening and welcome. >> martinez if from the mission activist, and i'm here i'm disappointed you know another shooting another officer another man of color i'm not from the mission didn't personally know the man but brown and black solidarity my problems will be their problems we stand together i was told that morning they're going to keep bringing my folks we can't don't think law enforcement those rules and laws if someone gets arrested that is
11:00 am
probable cause you expect us to respect the police officers it is an corrupt system how do you expect the community to trust the police officers they're the ones getting racist text-messaging and protesting and doing positive things they attack us you know, i personally experienced things with the sfpd tenderloin bayview and the mission district ungdz and right now all the people got a lot of conscious folks but kids 16 and 17 didn't know the next policies they're a target like i am i feel survive with my folks by the by myself i get stopped and harassed my record is clean as of now those past couple of
11:01 am
years let me say that what do you expect our community to do that's why we gather together and do what we do i'm out there giving the youth jobs and graduating high school but when i'm enrolling them as their case manager a lot of the issues police harassment and police brutality you know what i mean all the things in the city that is one of the key things i have 35 percent of my youth and - >> thank you. >> thank you, mr. martinez>> (clapping.) >> good evening and welcome. >> i don't feel welcome. >> you are welcome. >> i really wasn't going to say anything away was going
11:02 am
through the motion i don't think a lot of you care this is just another death you don't care; right? but you guys are making san francisco into johannesburg and now we've past the point of racism your record makes you look like a bunch of thugs your disrespecting our badge your disrespecting the oath that you took you know because this is ridiculous shooting pregnant woman and racist texting message for the district of what you do and serve the only reason you people get away with that the people in the city don't know about the structure how to compete i know we're not reading up on laws 80 how to - that's the reason he getting away with that we want the answers sea
11:03 am
questions once we start learning about this system again, we're going to change things we'll not have to come to this place with answers to the mayor with that i've said enough please. >> (clapping.) >> any further general public comment oh, ms. brown come on uptake our time. >> good evening and welcome. >> i am here as usual to talk about my son aubrey abrakasa who was murdered august 14, 2006, i'd like to use the overhead. >> i just wanted to still come here and bring the awareness that my son is not to be forgotten and his case is not solved yet even though they're having new investigators
11:04 am
investigate any sons case i'll still here and in pain i still want justice for my son the overhead is not working. >> and my time is leaving. >> we'll give you your time back ms. brown one second. >> as always they always know who murdered my son and the police know the da know know who murdered my son and former gavin newsom put it in the paper himself saying he know who murdered my son with one exception no witnesses there are witnesses because they gave those names of the perpetrators that murder my
11:05 am
son those are witnesses that gave those names of the perpetrators that were there when my son was shot thirty times with a semiautomatic gun i'm still watering for justice for my child you got thomas hannibal and paris moving get and anthony carter i didn't pull those names out of a hat those names are on any sons file on 850 bryant on the fifth floor those names were not pulled out of a hat those are the names that everyone has so i don't understand why my as opposed to case is not solved when you know when did this i bring this because i want the people to see and feel what i feel
11:06 am
i want you to see what i feel every morning i might look okay. on the outside but i'm hurting on the inside i want justice any child and like i said i'm not just fighting for my child there is other homicide victims, too, we making this big folklore about the police killings and our children getting circled on the streets everyday we need to make that same uproar thank you. >> thank you ms. brown if you or anyone you know has information into the 2006 murder of aubrey abrakasa an i'd like to take the opportunity (415) 575-4444 thank you ms. brown. >> any further general public comment hearing public comment
11:07 am
is closed. >> sergeant, next item. >> item 4 public comment on all matters to 6 including the public comment to hold item 6 in closed session. >> any public comment on this matter. >> welcome back. >> thank you again, the same thing i said yesterday you guys need to look at the cops report that assess you should be holding these hearings with as much transparency as possible i don't believe you're doing that you know there is no reason why all the use of force has to be behind closed doors it is corrupt in the in the first place and the poa has from business with a second bite of the apple i hope owl talk with the city attorney and open up this prosper the doj. >> any public comment on this
11:08 am
matter. >> welcome back. >> commissioners you heard in the public we need to change our ways we can't change our ways unless our heart is in the right place if you're heart is not in the right place you've waste nine hundred sanctuaries trying to do something you know we have jesus witness institutions we have people representing the blue or the police force and if they were alive today, if saving nations were alive today, there
11:09 am
would be ashamed take thousand of pages and just to make a point which means nothing at all we don't need to go through the history of what the police stand for or ordinary from the days of slavery we don't need to tell the whole world there is real documentation about the association with the kkk right here in the rotunda interest an inauguration the k k were having big banners today, i refuse to let people bring banners a joke in the year 2016 we need a
11:10 am
change of heart they're going to close doors is a mickey mouse and someone will come out and say oh, i know move not to - >> thank you sir, thank you, sir. >> any further comment mr. gilberty. >> at some point in the future those meetings will be open to the public will be on tv they should be we're watching the neighborhood is watching nci all the cops shows with commercials the real stuff is happening here it will be heath for the community and the police officers will be more involved will recent each other more i think in the near future those sessions will be open.
11:11 am
>> thank you mr. gilberty. >> next speaker. >> welcome back. >> thank you i believe that one of our agenda item is dealing with officer-involved shootings and whether the officers involved in the shooting should return to the force pending the investigation and the outcome of investigation and i would urge they innovate return to the force in fact, i'll urge you discipline and terminate officers involved in officer-involved shootings officer who shot and killed derrick in the city serves in the mission police department he attacked and wounded one of our fellow ever protesters members for the police accountability we know the police officer that shot alex 14 times found not to
11:12 am
be competitive use of force posted open facebook why not burn his family's house down and taser his friend we don't need officers like that on sfpd if they're involved in a shooting they shouldn't return to the force to active duty while the investigation is pending and after the investigation occurs i get it connor it is extremely difficult to the officers we need to remove them so that san franciscans can be safe from the very people that are supposed to uphold the law. >> thank you. any pursuant to p.m. hearing. >> sergeant, next line item. >> to vote to go into closed session action. >> colleagues do you have a motion to hold item 6 in
11:13 am
>> so moved. >> >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed?
11:14 am
>> we're on okay. >> good afternoon i'd like to call the public utilities commission to order mr. secretary. >> coordinating commissioner kwon commissioner caen is expected shortly and commissioner courtney that excused and we
11:15 am
have quorum okay. thank you commissioners you have the minutes of the october 25th meeting additions, deletions, or changes seeing none, can i have a motion. >> i'll move there is a motion that has been seconded any public comment? >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the minutes are adopted. >> next item. >> is public comment this is a chance for any member of the public to comment to the commission under our jurisdiction that is not on the agenda foyer today any public comment? no okay seeing none, communications commissioners. any comments or questions on the agenda any public comment on


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